Biagio didn’t have any expectations when his older girlfriend bought tickets to a digital art studio in Chelsea, New York. In his mind, the best experiences come from having no expectations at all. Since he didn’t have great expectations, he felt like he could relax and enjoy the moment. …

“So is it true?” Carmine asked, itching his cheek with his knuckles. “Are women in Sicily more dangerous than shotguns.”

Jackie didn’t understand the Godfather reference. She had just returned from a vacation in Sicily and didn’t want to be back at her job, dealing with her prudish boss. Carmine…

In Staten Island the wind was blowing in with a sour smell, as Derek laced up his running shoes. He passed by his hillbilly step-father, George, who was wearing a checkered patterned jacket with a black shirt and a red hat with white letters. On his shirt was a picture…

Howie flipped his curly blonde hair, tucked his golden crucifix into his shirt, and then exhaled a deep breath of fresh air. It was a warm spring day with a gentle breeze. He was on a hockey recruiting visit with his mother and was expecting a scholarship offer. The head…

Derek had a hard time thinking about the last time he felt something. Besides competing in sports, he was always a middle of the road kind of guy- never too high and never too low. Some would even say that he was monotone, which he resented. …

I am going to mess with you, but I promise that it won’t be anything too crazy.

In order to hear the sound everything else must be quiet; no music; no social media; no television.

There is a constant rhythm as the water flows down the gutter. Occasionally there is…

I started posting about my Judo journey because I wanted to inspire my clients to go out and try new things and be OK with failing. When I tell potential clients about my fitness journey, I tell them that I have tried body building- for a week before I hurt…

Before beauty is struggle

They say if you are not crazy

Don’t worry

You are only one traumatic event away

From all of that changing

Before love is hatred

I see people put on this mask of happiness

Then walk around like they did something

I see through the fakeness

Andrew Schillaci

New York, NY / Lehigh Alum

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